On behalf of OASIS-Operation America Standing In Support and Col. Hearon’s Mom, Lily Hearon, congratulations to Brittany Stanley from Cocoa Beach High School JROTC.

She possessed all the leadership and ambition that Col. Matthew Hearon exuded in his 35 years of military service.  Brittany has been appointed to the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, majoring in Astronautical Engineering and minoring in Chinese.  She plans to be an officer in the Air Force with fighter pilot training, with an ultimate goal to become an Astronaut.  So very proud of you and all your achievements, Brittany.

Way to go!


From Brittany,

“In May 2019, I earned the Col. Matthew J. Hearson scholarship just before I left for the United States Air Force Academy. The scholarship has been incredibly useful, in more ways than one. While USAFA does give cadets a paycheck, it is relatively small and very inconsistent for freshmen. This scholarship allowed me to afford plane tickets from Colorado to the East Coast for both Thanksgiving and winter break. I know several cadets who stayed at the Academy because they could not afford to travel home. The scholarship was also fundamental in paying for both print and online textbooks, which is something every college student struggles with. Because of the scholarship, I could afford to keep my textbooks instead of just renting them, which is incredibly useful for the more difficult classes that pertain to my major. I could also afford a full set of hockey gear and skates so I could join the USAFA Women’s Hockey Club. As the year went on, I became increasingly grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship, especially as I learned that the majority of other cadets were denied any scholarships because they were going to USAFA. I highly encourage other JROTC/ROTC cadets to apply for this scholarship as it greatly improved my life.”