(OASIS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the morale and welfare of troops currently deployed by supporting them with themed care packages and card writing campaigns. Our goal is to support those military members serving the GLOBAL WAR ON TERRORISM until they all come home.

In addition to ensuring those abroad know they are remembered back home, OASIS aims to honor troops that are returning home, either for R&R or at the completion of their deployment. We can help you celebrate your loved one by meeting them at the airport with a return party.  We also provide troops with recreational activities, such as tickets to local venues, events and experiences, especially for those experiencing PTSD. Suicide amongst returning Veterans averages 22 per day. That is 22 too many.

OASIS also annually provides the Col. Matthew J. Hearon scholarship to an ROTC student who exemplifies the character and dedication Col. Hearon had as the Commander of the Florida National Guard. It is an honor to recognize an outstanding individual to continue his legend.
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