Grace Hibbert was the recipient of the Col Matthew J Hearon Scholarship from ROTC at Eau Gallie High School. She exemplifies all the outstanding characteristics that my amazing friend, Matt portrayed, serving as the Florida National Guard Commander. It’s a privilege to honor you today Matt, and for many years to come.

Grace, we wish you continued success in your future endeavors at UCF and the military. Thank you to Matt’s Mom, Lily Jo Hearon, for being there today and speaking on her son’s behalf.


From Grace:

“In high school, I established a partnership with OASIS and my JROTC group to help in collections and packaging of the supplies that OASIS sends to our troops over seas. My JROTC group benefited in learning more about the men and women who serve and gained a deep appreciation for serving in their own communities. I am very grateful to have received the scholarship from OASIS because I was able to use the money to live on UCF’s campus and properly join their ROTC program, which up to 4 days a week requires attendance as early as 0500. Commuting over an hour to PT and other ROTC activities while being a full time student may have proven impossible were it not for the financial support I received from my scholarship. I am continuing to try and set up partnerships with my College ROTC groups and supporting clubs to continue partnering with OASIS.”